“Boys, that is how the Show is done, everything else is funeral.” -Onni Gideon

( Men at Times Square, New York )

WorldClass Quality Entertainment From Finland

”Such a thing does not even exist!” Jukka Kajava, Helsingin Sanomat Newspaper, commentary on the Tampere Summer Theater’s Club Night

Listen to Wernerbros song “I am drinking Coffee Now”

“Paras Miessivuosa 1991-1992”

The Werner Bros. -show springs forth from the best of international and domestic Finnish traditions of entertainment.

The show is skillfully crafted playing and humour, that does not insult anyone, while still being controversial – 45 minutes of positive male energy, filling the stage. The program is music from the thirties to the twentyfirst century.

From Mills Brothers, through Dean Martin, Duke Ellington and Pirkko Mannola ( Finnish Pop Rock n Roll Star ) to ethnic music, and Bomfunk MC’s.

Watch WernerBros. video from the bands tour in Tansania.

Read about Werner Bros in Uppsala Nya Tidningen -magazine

See Werner Bros in Uppsala Nya Tidningen -magazine

*”You are not just a band, You are a phenomenon.” Director Kari Väänänen during the filming of the movie “Taivaantulet” ( The Fire On The Sky )

See an article about Werner Bros, in a Finnish newspaper.

“These ´boys´deserve a wider audience and would be such great musical ambassadors for Finland”. – Chas McDevitt

*”High in Quality, Exceptional and Unbelieveable, This Serves the Common Good.” Tampere Nuorkauppakamari( Tampere Young Chamber of Commerce )’s evaluation of the Band.

Mike Martin said in The Stage Magazine (London) in November 15. 12 2001:
 “The Werner Brothers, whose highly original and entertaining act has to be believed . A sextet –five of whom are siblings – of varying shapes, sizes and immense talent, the Werners make an amazingly tight unit”.

Legends Corner club in Nashville, a local listener:“ I Like country music, but that music of yours is really sweet,  would you come to a picture with my family.

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